HISA 3003 Lecture 22: Resistance to Development

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University of Virginia
History-South Asian History
HISA 3003
Nabaparna Ghosh

Thursday, April 28, 2016 Day 22 Resistance to Development HISA 3003 Two Major Resistance Movements India Against Corruption Recently new movement Began in 2010 Ecofeminism Merging of two movements 1. To protect the environment and maintain the balance of ecology Fighting against global warming 2. Womanled natureconservation movement Jayalalitha (1948Present) Became Chief Minister in the state of Tamil Nadu in 1991 Used to be an actress in the Tamil Film Industry Political party approached her to represent them in the elections because of her fame through acting Very profeminism Introduces Cradle Baby Scheme Attempted to end female infant deaths Very popular scheme in Tamil Nadu Supported heavily by the women 30 Quota for Women in Government Ofces Tamil Nadus people very happy with her progress in oce The Wedding of Jayalalithas Son 1
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