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Lecture 21

HISA 3003 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Adivasi, Mcdonaldization, Salwa Judum

History-South Asian History
Course Code
HISA 3003
Nabaparna Ghosh

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Thursday, April 21, 2016
The Indian Middle Clasa
HISA 3003!
Rise of a new middle class
-Directly connected to the new principle of economic development in the 1990s
Started in 1992!
A new Model of Development –#did it benefit all Indians?!
-Development of all of India?!
-Supported by BJP!
-Mukesh Ambani
One of the richest men in the world
Most expensive property –!Antilla
Sits at the heart of Mumbai !
-Is Mumbai a city of slums (as depicted in Slumdog Millionaire) or a city of millionaires
with average house prices reaching $1+ million!
In reality –#Mumbai is both !
-A New Model of Development
Pillar of the policy was Economic Liberalization = Facilitated Privatization and
-Privatization destroyed the public sector!
Could not coexist!
Private companies out-paid employees than public sector!
Bureaucratic process in private companies = faster!
Private companies got land at very cheap values = Companies used the money which
it got from profit and from government !
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Thursday, April 21, 2016
-Kept on cycling the money within the company instead !
Revenue and profit not cycled back out to the community to improve
infrastructure !
Main cities and villages did not benefit from this privatization !
-Privatization created a neoliberal middle class –!less dependent on the state
In favor of this economic model –#because it is what created them and what sustains
them. !
-Urban Middle Class Characters
-Consumers of the West
Large shopping malls, products, and consumerism
The Neo-Liberal Middle Class makes possible the consumer centric globalization!
Globalization also dubbed as Coca-Colonization and McDonaldization
-Along with these products they launched – they attempted to change the mindset of the
people to change their needs to become global citizens !
-The Western lifestyle is put at a upper hedge in comparison to Indian lifestyle!
-How is this need for foreign products created?!
Showing these foreign products are culturally compatible –#media plays a huge role in
this process. !
Middle Class Characters
Relation to Development
Nehruvian Development
-Nehruvian Middle Class –
"largely state dependent,
including employment
-Welfare mode of development.
-Issues taken up by them have
a wider concern for nation, for
Neo-Liberal State
-Increasing secession from
state, but supports state
-Upward mobile.
-Seeks private solution to
-Issues upheld by them guards
class interest.
-Puts them in confrontation with
the poor.
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