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Class Notes Sept. 23

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PSYC 1010

Psych Notes Sensation Ch 7Sensation the process by which sense organs gather information about the environment and transmit it to the brainSame problem for each sense transforming the energy in the world that is a sensation into a signal that the brain can understandSame stages of sensationoStimulationoTransduction to transform physical stimuli in the environment into neural signals in the brainoTransmissionoRepresentation in the brain6 major sensesotaste bitter salty sweet sour umamitaste receptor cells are evenly distributed throughout the tongue and sides of our mouthseach taste bud contains 50 to 150 taste receptor cellssend information to the Gustatory sensory neuronsosmellchemical receptors in the noseolfactory endotheliumonly sense where the information does not go to the thalamussmell is fundamentally tied to tastewomen smell better than menohearing 2 key characteristics for soundfrequency of a sound wave is related to the pitch of a soundamplitude of a sound wave is related to loudness of a soundPurpose of the structures in the earMeasure frequency and amplitudeOuter ear acts as a funnel to direct sound waves towards inner structuresMiddle ear consists of three small bones or ossicles that amplify the soundInner ear contains the structures that convert the sound into a neural responseHearing loss is specialized to high frequency noiseRight ear is more sensitive in processing speechlike soundsoTouchThree main sensationsPressureWarmthCold
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