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Lecture 24

PSYC 2150 Lecture 24: Lecture 24 Intelligence

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University of Virginia
PSYC 2150
Dan Willingham

4/25/17 Lecture 24 Notes Intelligence • Overview o What is intelligence? o History of Intelligence testing o Factor analytic view (most dominating cognitive view) o Information Processing and intelligence o Alternative Approaches to Intelligence ▪ Culture ▪ Nature/nurture • What is Intelligence? o Based on 1921 poll: ▪ Capacity to learn from experience ▪ Ability to adapt to surrounding environment o Based on 1986 poll: the two characteristics above AND … ▪ Includes metacognitive processes to govern cognition ▪ What is considered intelligence may vary by culture • Two Traditional Schools of Thought of intelligence measurement o Psychophysical ▪ Sensory acuity, physical strength, motor coordination o Judgmental abilities ▪ Problem solving, reasoning • Galton (psychophysical) o Intelligence passed down by generations o Intelligent people see the world for what it really is o View didn’t last long but sparked interest in intelligence • Binet (1890) o Components of intelligence are reasoning, judgment, memory and abstraction o Big changes in schooling; he was tasked with creating a test for 7-year olds that would distinguish the intelligent kids from the non-intelligent kids o IQ ▪ Classification ▪ IQ = mental age / chronological age x 100 • Mental age – how well you do on a test compared to your average age group ▪ Problem: mental age stops increasing at 16 • Standard Tests
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