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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Stats & Population Ecology

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BCOR 102
Nicholas J.Gotelli

9/4/13  In general: if groups w/n groups: large statistical p, not enough evidence to reject H 0 if groups w/n groups: small p, reject H0  Determinants of statistical p 1. Large n (sample size) p 2. Large among p 3. Large w/n group p  Data is relatively ‘noisy’  Statistical Hypothesis – pattern in data (is there/ isn’t there)  Scientific hypothesis- mechanism that accounts for pattern Hpred Predators increase the species richness of prey Statistical p>0.05 p<0.05 p<0.05 Hypothesis Scientific Do not reject H 0 H predot Reject H 0 Hpred Reject H0 Hypothesis supported supported Hprednot supported  What happens when wrong conclusion is drawn H minor ailment 0= Not H0= appendicitis H0True H0Not True Don’t Reject H Correct decision: Type II statistical error 0 Send home Send home Reject H0
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