Lecture 2

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CHEM 141
Alexander Wurthmann

8/28/13 Comparing C H N 4 9 A&B- constitutional isomers A&C- identical B&D- constitutional isomers (double bond in different location, outermost C only has 2 H instead of 3)  sigma bond ( -bond) o single bond, overlap of e- o generates molecular orbital/bond w/ a circular cross-section o ex. H-H  valence electrons o outer most e-, used to form bonds/charges  core electrons o inner e- o smaller confined orbital o unreactive  ionic bond o partnering of oppositely charged ions to form a bond o strong as solid, weak association when dissolved in water o ex. NaCl o  covalent bond o equal sharing of e- to fill valance shell o strong linkages, not easily broken o H z o  Polar covalent bonds o Covalent bond that has an uneven sharing of electrons o One atom has majority of e- density o Difference highlighted with partial charge
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