CRES 197 Lecture 18: Notes for Thursday's Class

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Critical Race & Ethnic Stdies
CRES 197
John Remo Gennari

Christina Aguilera and Eminem are the direct descendants of Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee even if the fans of all four would strenuously deny the lineage As the professor to elaborate on his analysis of birth of a nation being this creation of ideologies that limit the actual prescene of black charactors…- I am wondering what is the earlier thesis that this is referring to. More importantly, brando was giving the impression that he was improvising at the same historical moment that Charlie parjer and a group of young, mostly black musicians were making improvisation the sine qua non of jazz art. At one extreme, whites have taken to black music in ways that are consistent with Fred Pfeil’s characterization of rock music in the 1970s: “rock authenticity means…not just freedom from commerce and opposition to all straight authority…but being a free agent with ready access to the resources of feminity and blackness yet with no obligations to either women or blacks.” Jack Johnson and Paul Robeson Page 8/16 John Gennari has suggested that much of the white male appropriation of black masculinity :operates...with the author.” 10/16 for the white minstrel man, “to put on the cultural forms of ‘blackness’ was to engage in a complex affair of manly mimicry….To wear or even enjoy blackface was literally, for a time, to become black, to inherit the cool, virility, humility, abandon, or gaite de Coeur that were the prime components of white ideologies of black manhood.” --…they remain entirely unaware of their participation in it…how about dat with the lynchings. Shows that white men being able to inhabit black m
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