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Lecture 4

NFS 223 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Human Resource Management, Co-Creation, Linguistics

Nutrition and Food Sciences
Course Code
NFS 223
Farryl Bertman

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- A required skill for practice: in nutrition/health care & in human resource management
Communication defined
- A process in which “meaning ic co-created simultaneously among people” and is a
learned skill.
- To develop a relationship with clients/staff
- To relieve anxiety
- To enhance recall; provide feedback
- Interference and distortions
- Physical environment; noise
- Physiological state
- Cultural, ethnic background
- Psychological state
Verbal communication
- Actual words used
- The ways words are arranged
- Providing a supportive climate is crucial to trust, caring, and acceptance
5 guidelines to create a supportive climate
1. Discuss problems descriptively, not evaluatively
a. Avoid judging behaviors, attitudes, and work
b. Describe facts/problems objectively
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