Lecture 3:Gram Negative Bacteria Cont.

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Plant Biology
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PBIO 117
Terrence P.Delaney

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9/3/13 Gram Negative Pathogens Cont.  Agrobacterium Cont. o See Fig. 12-36 Disease Cycle  Bacteria enter through wounds o Disease management  Inspect stock  Avoid wounds  Bio control can be effective (using other microbes to inhibit agrobacterium growth)  Erwinia o Rod shaped, peritichous flagella (on all surfaces) o Two main groups  Wilt causing  Soft rot (renamed pectobacterium) o Fire Blight of apple/pear  Native to north America, first appeared in 1780 (on trees from Europe)  Limiting factor to production in some areas  Ooze, shepherd crook stems  Remove 1 ft up from infected area  Bees make efficient vectors, infect blossoms o Fig. 12-14  Cankers hold bacteria over winter  Ooze, bee vector, flower infection o Management  Resistant cultivars  Remove/burn overwintering cankers  Cut, paint and then cut the new stub that grows where the paint is later  Antibiotics?  Streptomycin & tetracycline o Excessive use can promote resistance/ is a public health concern  Pectobacterium cartova o Produces pectolytic enzymes that break down plant tissue (fleshy organs like tubers) o Enter via crack/ wound o Infection favored by high temp/soil moisture o 2 sub species infect potato  Soft rot (carotova)  Blackleg (astroseptica) o 12-34 disease cycle o Management  Good sanitation of tubers/storage  Proper post-harvest storage  Eliminate cull piles & potato volunteers  High quality pathogen free seed tubers  Avoid mechanical injury  Do not over irrigate  Chemical control not reommended  Pseudomonas o Ro
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