Fungal Pathogens/Ascomycetes

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Plant Biology
PBIO 117
Terrence P.Delaney

9/12/13 General Fungal Life Cycle  Disease symptoms/ signs of fungal pathogens o Necrotic  Leaf spots  Rots  Root/stem  wood  blight  cankers  anthracnose  damping off  scab o abnormal growth  gall  leaf curl  vascular wild  mildew  rust  smut- known for reddish signs of disease (usually spores)  post-harvest diseases  Phylum Chytridiomycota o Lack a true mycelia o Have zoospores (“swimmers”, loco mote in water w/ a flagella) o May be saprotrophs or plant pathogens  Water is important for dispersal o Found in water/soil o Ex. olpidium brassicae  Phylum Zygomycota o Mycelia w/o cross walls (non-septate) o Non-motile spores o Saprophytes or weak parasites o Ex. Rhizopus (bread mold) o Heterothallic – 2 or more mating types Homothallic-self-compatible  Kingdom Eumycota o Phylum Ascomycota  Most have 8 spores o Imperfect fungi-duteromycetes o Asexual fungi  Conidia on conidiospores
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