Basidiomycete- sterile fungi & smuts

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Plant Biology
PBIO 117
Terrence P.Delaney

9/17/13 Basidiomycete Plant Pathogens- Sterile Fungi & Smuts  Phylem Basidiomycota o Mycelia sterilia  Sexless (usually) o Smuts o Rust fungi o Mushroom (class: Basidiomycete)  Mycelia Sterilia o Rhizoctonia solani  Sexless  Soil inhabiting, causes a range of diseases  Many hosts, necrotrophic (consumes dead tissue)  “sterile fungi”  Mycelia & sclerocia (masses of fungal mycelium)  Can produce basidiospores under special conditions  Brown patch/large patch on grass o No asexual spores o Persist as mycelium or sclerocia in thatch and soil o Sexual spores are rare o Identified by hyphal characteristics  Right angle branches  Sclerocia o Infection cushion  Hyphae explore surface of plant and mass up when a wound is encountered o Management  Reduce moisture  Reduce nitrogen  Resistant varieties  Fungicides  Smuts o 1200 + species that cause disease on cereals o Attacks grain kernels and replace w/ dusty black spore masses  Teliospores and basidiospores o Stinking smut  Also called bunt  Infected kernels
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