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Plant Biology
PBIO 117
Terrence P.Delaney

9/19/13 Basidiomycete Pathogens II- Rusts  Uredomycetes o Obligate parasites, 5000 species o Produce multiple spore types  Teliospores  Basidiospores  Asciospores  Spermatia  Uredospores  Macrocyclic/microcyclic  Autoecious – entire life cycle on one host  Heteroecious- require 2 different hosts to complete lifecycle  Spore Sequence: Figure 11-130 o Uredospore- only spore type that can infect the same host it is grown on, critical to epidemics  Cedar apple rust skips uredospore part of cycle  Stem rust on wheat (Puccinia graminis) o Worldwide problem, very destructive o Obligate parasite o Macrocyclic, heteroecious (wheat & barberry) o Pustules weaken plant, cause water loss o Disease cycle: Figure 11-134  Production of uredospores are where most of the damage occurs o Management  Eradication of barberry  Needs living plant to survive so killing the plant is sufficient  Removed early source of inoculum  Sexual recombinatio
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