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University of Vermont
Political Science
POLS 123
Frank Bryan

Part II: Vermont in the Federal Matrix I. Vermont in the context of the American States is extremely unique A. Very small population II. Measuring Quirkiness by Socio-Economic Characteristics A. Total state population B. White population C. Doctors per capita D. College graduates E. Teachers’ salaries F. Crime rate G. Per capita income H. Energy use I. Home ownership J. Dairy cows K. Tax burden L. Student-teacher ratio M. Population under 18 N. Population per state legislator III. States on the Edge A. Extremely Exceptional: 1. New York 2. California 3. Vermont 4. Idaho 5. Massachusetts 6. Connecticut 7. Alaska 8. Utah 9. Rhode Island 10.Hawaii B. Extremely “Blah”: 1. Kansas 2. North Carolina 3. Ohio 4. Missouri 5. Nebraska 6. Colorado 7. Washington 8. Pennsylvania 9. Wisconsin 10.Minnesota January 30 Class Notes I. Vermont’s Quirkiness, continued rd A. 3 in US for Social Capital B. 1 in US for Tolerance & Equality st C. 1 in US for Civic Culture D. Northern states do better than southern ones. II. Constitutional Context- constraints on political action A. Constraints on Political Action 1. The federal constitution  (McCullough vs. Maryland and the Commerce Clause)  Federal supremacy based on necessary and proper clause of const.  State of Maryland attempted to tax a federal bank located in Baltimore.  Current Examples:  18-year-old drinking law (crossover sanctions)  VT lowered its drinking age to 18, from 21  Dick Snelling vs. Kunin (wanted it to be high)  Federal government mandated it with Highway funding  Hot Lunch Programs (can you serve maple syrup?)  Fed. Food quality restraints wiped out local foods  Campaign Finance Laws  We instituted constraints on campaign spending  Sorrell lost in supreme court  Deemed too restrictive  Auto Emissions  These occur because VT is more liberal than the federal consensus, and so we butt heads over our more liberal propaganda. B. The Question of Secession 1. There is a Vermont secessionist movement. 2. In the world of nations, Vermont is large enough to be represented in Intergovernmental organizations C. The Vermont Constitution 1. Shorter than most constitut
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