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SOC 001
Beth Mintz

Scientific Method +Social Facts Lecture 2 Shwab, “finding out how the social world works”  “be mindful.. of where our own knowledge comes from.” P38  How do we know what we claim to know?”  Is it correct? Moving from facts to interpretation:  How do we know that an interpretation of a set of facts is correct?  We don’t but the interpretation itself should be based on: o Empirical information: Data, facts, confidence info o An understanding of the literature (i.e. the other things that we know about a phenomenon” o –“the previously answered empirical questions” o Not all explanations are equally valuable We live in a society that values masculinity over femininity Scientific method: process of study based on empirical data (facts) Data (fact) gathering  Ethnography – “includes observing social activities as an outside, observing while participating in the activities, and conducting intensive interview”. (Adler + Adler’s BB)  Participant observation o Harper’s “Good Company” – He observed Hobo communities as they traveled around as nomadic people and through his camera, captured the lifestyle, as well as through first hand experience.  Survey’s o The way that we collect data is crucial in formulating results o Ways to collect a larger pool of data  Experiments o Asch Conformity experiment  1/3 to ½ of the subjects make a judgment contrary to the objective fact and in conformity with the group o Rosenthal+Jacobson 
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