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Lecture 10

WLIT 017 Lecture 10: Austria

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World Literature
WLIT 017

Austria Tuesday, April 18, 2017 12:22 PM 216 AustroHungarian Empire 19181934 First Republic After WWI, Austria was broken up according to nationalities. Austriawas createdfromthe Germanspeakingpart Between 1918 and 1920 there was a coalition govt incl both left and right wing parties, which enacted the progressivesocio econ and labor legislation. In 1920 the modern constitution of Austria was enacted Austrian politics were characterizedby intense and sometimes violent conflictbtleft andright from1920 onwards The social democrat party of Austria, whichpursued a fairly left wing courseknownas austromarxism,at thattime, couldcounton asecure majority in red Vienna while Right wing parties controlled all other states Since 1920 Austria was ruled by the Christian socialistparty 19341934 Austro fascism May 20 1932 Engelbert Dollfuss became chancellor of austria as head of a coalition govt Mar 4 1933 Dollfuss suspended Parliament when its 3 presidents resigned on, and thereafter ruled by decree August 1933 to bolster his foreign position and prevent Austriafrom uniting w Nazi Germany, D met Mussolini at Riccione. He received a guarantee of Austrian independence at the cost of abolishing all political parties and revising the Austrian constitution along fascsotrporatist lines Feb 12 Feb 27 1934 a civil war began with partly fierce fighting primarily in the east of Austria, especially in the streets of some outer Vienna districts.As a consequenceof the resistance,which was suppressedbypolice andmilitary power,theSocial Democratswere outlaws, and its leaders were imprisoned or fled abroad Austrofascism May 1, 1934 Dollfuss proclaimed a new constitution, providing for state organization thru professional corporations like those in fascist Italy. The opposition of German and Austrian Nazis to his govt only increased, however, as he evidenced his determination to oppose the surrender of Austrian independence July25 1934assassinationofDollfuss during anabortiveNaziputsch
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