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Lecture 4

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Theodore Judah, Social Stigma

Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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Women and the West
“Westward Waiting”
oManagers of household
Status increased
oWaiting for husbands to come home
In China and other states in the U.S.
Apart for years or life
oMoral to travel alone
oDoing God’s bidding
oOccupy an “ambivalent” position in U.S.
Not ok or socially acceptable to be a prostitute
Ok or socially acceptable for men to go to prostitutes
oProstitution and Migrancy
Women who are poor find jobs in prostitution
oProstitutes already have the stigma of being immoral
What do they have to lose
Chinese Women and the West
Chinese wives of merchants
oMerchants were always allowed in the U.S.
Trade is profitable for U.S.
Merchants facilitated trade
oThese women led bound lives
Chinese Prostitution
Prostitution and Chinese migrant workers
oGender norms in China
oSocial/Sexual needs
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