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Lecture 10

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Immigration Act Of 1924, Vital Record, Social Desirability BiasPremium

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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Towards Asian Exclusion
Alien Land Law 1913
o Declared unlawful ownership of “real property” by “aliens ineligible for citizenship”
o 1920, aliens ineligible for citizenship not allowed to lease or acquire land through
native-born minors
o 1923, aliens ineligible for citizenship cannot “acquire, possess, enjoy, use,
cultivate, occupy, and transfer real property
o Will be ruled unconstitutional
Era of Exclusion
U.S. During Turn of 20th Century
Growth of Nativism
o Differentiating real citizens from other people
Growth of Eugenics
o Only wanted perfect race coming into U.S.
o Breeding most desirable race and humans
Use of immigration laws to determine social desirability of race and nationality
Immigration Act of 1917
Barred criminals, feeble minded, alcoholics, beggars, persons mentally and physically
defective, polygamists
Barred anarchists
o Discrimination based on political beliefs
First federal law for immigration
Created Literacy Tests
o Targeted Jews from Germany and Catholics from Ireland
Created Asiatic Barred Zone or Asia Pacific Triangle
o Growth of Asian Exclusion
o Middle East was included
o Formation of term “Asian American”
o Nobody was accepted from these areas
Immigration Act of 1921
First numerical restrictions of Europeans
Used 1910 census, established 3% quotas
o Reduced immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe
o Southeaster European countries
45% of quotas
o Northwestern European countries
55% of quotas
1924 Immigration Law
Other names
o Johnson-Reed Act
o National Origins Act
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