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Lecture 12

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture 12: Asian American History Lecture 12

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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South Asian Immigration to U.S World Systems Framework South Asian immigration develops U.S. history within transnational framework Connects U.S. history with colonial expansionist efforts of other countries Colonial India 16001947 Period where India designated area was under jurisdiction of European colonial powers Dutch, Portugal, British Rise of British India o 16 century England and Netherlands challenged dominance of Portugal in Asian Spice Trade o 1600, England chartered East India Company o 1720, British eclipsed Dutch in textile trade replaced spice trade as most lucrative trade as most lucrative trade Economic dominance signaled rise of British colonialism in India British Raj 1858 1947, India under rule of Great Britain o Encompassed almost all of presentday India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh Recruited workers from India o Indian laborers migrated British West Indies, East Africa
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