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Lecture 12

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Asian Americans, Spice Trade, Colonial IndiaPremium

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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South Asian Immigration to U.S
World Systems Framework
South Asian immigration develops U.S. history within transnational framework
Connects U.S. history with colonial expansionist efforts of other countries
Colonial India
Period where “India” designated area was under jurisdiction of European colonial powers
Dutch, Portugal, British
Rise of British India
o 16th century England and Netherlands challenged dominance of Portugal in Asian
Spice Trade
o 1600, England chartered East India Company
o 1720, British eclipsed Dutch in textile trade replaced spice trade as most
lucrative trade as most lucrative trade
Economic dominance signaled rise of British colonialism in India
British Raj
1858 1947, India under rule of Great Britain
o Encompassed almost all of present-day India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh
Recruited workers from India
o Indian laborers migrated British West Indies, East Africa
South Asian Immigration to Canada and U.S.
Canada early 1900s
o Heavy recruitment of workers from India by British to work on Canadian railroads
Recruited mostly Sikhs from Punjabi region
o Notable influx of Punjabi Sikhs caused Canadians, government to pass laws in
1908 to limit South Asian immigration to California
Punjabi Sikhs began to immigrate to U.S. due to restrictions in California
Discrimination of Punjabi Sikhs in U.S. Pacific Northwest caused mass influx into
South Asian Americans joined Japanese and Latinos and worked in agricultural industry
in California
o Interracial marriages between Punjabi immigrant men with Mexican women
Bengali Muslim peddlers in New Orleans
o Later settled in Detroit, New York, Baltimore
British Colonialism and Social Status of South Asians
For many South Asians, saw discrimination in U.S. and California tied to British
Connected fight for Indian independence to fight for racial equality in U.S. and Canada
o Transnational political activism
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