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Lecture 15

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Voting Rights Act Of 1965, Magnuson Act, MultiracialPremium

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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Children of War: Korean Adoptees
Children of War
1951 UN Korean Reconstruction Agency estimated orphan children to be 100,000
o Many were abandoned children fathered by American GIs
1953, 293,000 widowed Korean women caring for 516,000 children under 13 years of
1954 Western relief organization, International Union of Child Welfare, came to Southern
portion of Korean peninsula and assessed
o 2 million of 5 million war refugees displaced were children under 18
o 10,000 orphans living out in streets
U.S. military bases incorporate children as mascots, houseboys, and interpreters
Set up orphanages and placement in orphanages
o 1950 Operation Kiddy Car where 950 orphans flew from Seoul to orphanage on
Cheju Island
Koran Adoption
Mixed race babies
o Between 1950-1965, 12,280 mixed babies born of whom half ended up being
adopted to America or other Western countries
Adoption agencies: Holt Agency
Significance of Korean Adoption
Identify formation of Korean Adoptees
o What is their nationality?
o What is their race?
Image of Korea
o Global family
Image of U.S.
o Rescuers of oppressed
Immigration and Naturalization During Post WWII
Key Immigration and Naturalization Laws
1943 Magnuson Act
1952 McCarran-Walter Act
Axis powers
o Germany, Italy, Japan
Allied Powers
o U.S., Soviet Union, Great Britain, China
1943 Magnuson Act
In middle of WWII
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