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Lecture 8

ASIAN AM 160 Lecture 8: Asian American History Lecture 8

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Asian American Studies
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Cheng Cindy

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Implications for Racial Formation of Chinese in U.S. Racializing the Chinese  Scapegoats o Group singled out for unmerited blame o The Chinese were not able to vote, they were in the minority, so it is easy to put the blame on them because they can’t fight back  Unassimilable o Incapable of assimilating to norms of Anglo-Saxon culture o Can “assimilation overcome the colorline?  More likely not due to the Chinese looking different Implication for Regulation of Sexual Relations in U.S. Chinese Women  Threatened normative sexual practices in U.S. o Sexual practices contained within marriage o Between one man and one woman o Between one white man and one woman  There were laws against interracial sexual relations  Illegal to marry other races  Crossing of racial and class lines = moral and racial pollution o Chinese prostitutes believed to carry more virulent strain veneral disease that could poison the Anglo-Saxon blood and bring downfall  Government regulation of “Intimate Relations” Japanese Immigration Historical Context of Japanese Immigration to Hawaii and U.S.
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