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Lecture 16

BIOLOGY 152 Lecture 16: lecture 1 plants

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University of Wisconsin - Madison
David Baum

Plant Biology Lecture 2/22/17 -45 i Indeterminate vs determinate gnwstw grwth wi no guneti predicined limits "Angiosperms the flowenwg piants Rutionary histwy in water his shaped how biology opentar land IL mework. thinking abumt haw and why plants do thing hivtmurt to land plant Hgo my palun and seeds 3 nse of the angiosperms Plants art understandable Plants have t perform mavy ot thi same fnnctims as animats O and thuy art gr d atthum produce obtain nonrishmunt dispers ftnd oft Mthoalns mumrter and rtsprns to the nionment BUT WINT USP of nennus system museu IV, PIAhts artm4 gruen animular Thy can get ren loly haw? Lee 2. Why induterminata truluu uyit Thu chainsaw syndremullawn man the dunr thmyh V plants male a lot of stuft (giant sequoia) Haw very product Mt as a gruml fhotosynthpas thu abundare ef culul and Ru Bis Co Why Chainsaw und me VL Plante art primant producers Tni Pnmam input of enevny into tune biospuut is sunlight Animule art dup dentr a plants to narvet ths enen Y Agmuutunl led ta the popular em expansm that modem ural fiulid thi Mdusrutne liitum that led to modem culaatum fnmune atmosphut uns anaembie (N,, ci,,methane, H,s) Photosyhtkuss (plnnt, brutuna, anot algal led to aerobic enuronment VII Plants entered in water but are now success on land and Adaptations to tumstnut enunomrumt waxy Cuticle Stomata vasculatunl un sappatu gnificatlan r hutnenilwntursearrengha systems r urgan specializatin (vutes,shuais, and Deaves)
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