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Lecture 36

BIOLOGY 152 Lecture 36: lecture 7 eco

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University of Wisconsin - Madison
David Baum

Man Lecture 7: Pop Sevuual size dimomphism and operatinao sex ntaor ape l.I jl.ol facultative patysynylmonogarmy ,5 2.0 polygyny polygyny. Solitary 1.0 monogamy Gibbon polugyny, many Chimpanu Rare Species are common Common speces are Rarity doesn't contem incignieseanu ndeed, vane spects comeu add to lawns-term 4 ste Sustainability bu procious n the ertmt What is a population? rebs A Tromp of organis the s at particulur tu mo Spau (Core) A broeogiaus unit e tine tevee euoeog integration where it ts menn. and age stnictwus in disur brns propertres or Pa L of tue unit. The te procusses occur at tue (erel 6f tue ndo nduras but have emergent Pmpertnes the vevelof the p uudion Spatially Dimigrphically (birthso immigration gtnutit due abundanu laensity dispersal reme dispu sim tten Dispersins of f s of Md. Per qua COMRams tut observeot frequency to that errectad under a nndem drstnbutim nd, in sample is ranalen Poissn DistributtM of occuring na tixed hume of tome on Space Tts mean variance cemmpud man kvavianul must quanto uri hart alnu far Prvm tne mean. V 7,3 ind Iquad Uni.Ao nce most quadmt nave m mean ra Sind man Randum mia u observed distubutan matunus Evuditu batm expectud mour the poiss Sind lauad Estimatina Densty Cabundance lavea) Census omplete Comisos tightly controlled expevinurks sparse ov SessTu specats .)sland fudies olndices An indar of dansty is any measurable comeeature density barned in tue field anpl a cumnt statistic tuat Cavrtes infomation abovit a popula Distana sampl ng Cant donnt all tlu had, in a C D: demste Can esti dusty ut Dr lasemed
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