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Lecture 4

COM ARTS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Hearing Aid, Technological Determinism, Determinism

Communication Arts
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K C Barry Councilor

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Com Art 200
Technological Affordances
Today’s Objective:
What is the relationship between technology and society?
How do we critique technology/ why
What is technology?
- Tools that extend the human
o Actual extension: prosthetic arm
o Extend a sense: lightbuld; glasses; hearing aid
o More abstract: writing
- Things vs. Artifacts
o Thing: object qua object thing in and of itself
Ex. Tree, not been created or modified by humans
o Artifact: thing created by humans
Ex. What happens when humans create something.
How does technology develop?
- Social factors- problems needing solutions
- Material factors-
Technological Determinism
- Technology structures society
- Technology > society
o Ex. Becomes atoms exist and can be split; it is inevitable that humanity will
invent atomic bomb.
Social Determinism
- Society determined what technologies to develop and how they are going to be used
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