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Lecture 8

COM ARTS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Happy Slapping, Smartphone, Electronic Frontier Foundation

Communication Arts
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K C Barry Councilor

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Lecture 8
Smartphone culture
- Cell phone as intimate technologies
- Images
o First cameras appeared in 2000s. People worried about privacy. Camera was
terrible quality.
o Camera tech allows for citizen reporting
o Happy slapping: beating someone for the sake of recording it.
- Location
o Mobile cartography
o Two ways for current map. Map reads you and you read map. Map maps area as
you read.
o This makes everyday surveillance easier for advertisers and law enforcement.
o Geotracker
- Games
o Most popular games are not complex
o They create a value that sucks you in
- Political protest
o Images
o Organize in mobile ways
The politics of code
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