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Lecture 12

COM ARTS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Danah Boyd, Consumerism, Internet Addiction Disorder

Communication Arts
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K C Barry Councilor

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Lecture 12
Com Art 200
Cycle of discourse from new technologies.
-Utopists: technology will save us. It will solve all our problems
- Dystopists: technology will destroy us.
- Realist: balanced, in the middle. Less good or bad more about specific impacts
- Normalcy: the utopist and Dystopists idea fades away. Stop attaching promise land or
catastrophe to things.
Danah Boyd its complicated book
- Digital media use amongst teenagers
- Changes in technology? Or consumerism? Heightened competition? Parent pressure?
- Social media enables participation in things
Network public
- A public is a collection of people who understand themselves to be part of an imagined
- Networked public: a place where people can gather and connect online
- Cool spaces change
- Internet is a social space
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