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Lecture 5

M H R 300 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Mercadona, Summary Judgment, Paternalism

Management and Human Resources
Course Code
M H R 300
Min Li

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Germany Dismissal
Ordinary dismissal
The employment relationship is terminated at the end of the contractual or
statutory period of notice
Summary dismissal
There is cause justifying termination of the employment relationship before the
end of the period of notice, this period does not have to be observed
In both cases the grounds for dismissal must be stated
A dismissal is socially unjustified if it is not conditioned by the behavior or the person of
the employee or by urgent reasons related to the undertaking
Any dismissal that is socially unjust is void
Employment relationship continues
Cult-Like Cultures
Leads to autonomy and freedom which leads to creativity
You are rewarded for creativity
“Use your good judgement in all situations”
Ideological control + operational autonomy (empowerment)
Mercadona HRM
Supermarket chain
Leader in Spain
Total quality model
Family owned
Principals: supermercados de confianza”
Bring solutions throughout the value chain
Only has two brands
Brand of mercadona
Best brand
Mercadona Business Model
price/quality= value pricing
Own brands
Idea came from walmart
Great value
Same slogan
Have a lot of consumer research
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