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Lecture 7

M H R 300 Lecture 7: International MHR (2/7)

Management and Human Resources
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M H R 300
Min Li

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Goal D: Provide Intrinsic Motivation
Design a job with…
Job enlargement and enrichment
Goal E: Taking Care of Social Aspects
Pay is attached to jobs
Jobs design could also mean “compensation design”
Jobs titles signals qualifications and skills, so there is symbolism
People care about job names
Design can be badly used to discriminate
Job Analysis
A systematic gathering and organization of information concerning the tasks, duties and
responsibilities of specific jobs to improve job descriptions
HR (job analyst), the job incumbent or supervisor
For almost everything in HR, is the “bedrock of HR management
Job Analysis: Techniques
Task inventories
KSA matrix or a skill matrix
Knowledge, skills and abilities
Critical incident technique
It identifies the most costly activities in a complex environment where people and
machines work as a system
Its origin in investigating pilot errors
Generate dimensions of performance
Task complexity has increased
More skill diversity is needed
Increased productivity and creativity
Increased need of commitment and cooperation
Size, freeriding, duration
Trust and involvement
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