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Lecture 22

SOC 134 Lecture 22: Lecture 22

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SOC 134
Melanie Murchison

Lecture 22 Consequences of Segregation • Political o Marginalizes on-whites; politicians ignore them o Erodes home of interracial collaboration • Symbolic o Mental segregation: racial segregation gives off the appearance that racial divisions are real, natural, and unchanging • Emotional o Creates a sense of personal inadequacy and inferiority upon marginalized groups o Conversely gives whites a sense of superiority, reinforcing a preference for segregation • Educational o Property values determines property taxes ▪ ½ of all property tax revenue is used for public elementary and secondary education • low income areas have small budgets Ethnic Enclaves • Why? o Spatial assimilation thesis: enclaves are a starting point on the way to economic and cultural assimilation o Ethnic community thesis: some individuals prefer to live among people who eat the same food, celebrate the same holidays, and speak the same language o Racial Segregation: enclaves are a result of ethnic and racial discrimination in housing ▪ Both thesis’s play a role, but starts with racial segregation Interracial Conflict • Racial domination can distort and hide the real causes of poverty and misery under false arguments that attributes those causes to certain dominated groups o Ex: black resentment of Koreans in LA ▪ Koreans fill the niche of shopkeepers and entrepreneurs ▪ Poor neighborhoods are the best places where Koreans can afford to live and do business without corporate competition The Suburbs • Cull de sac communities promote isolation • Gated communities promote safety with walls, security guards, and surveillance o Exclusively car transportation enters these communities (not bus) • The suburbs are nei
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