GENED 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Ethnic Conflict, Zimmermann Telegram, Atlantic Charter

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6 Nov 2016
Historical perspectives
The United States does not enter the war right away. It is not until after the Zimmerman
telegram that the US will enter the war.
The Treaty of Versaille was “an ultimate failure.” Because France and England blamed
the entire war on Germany and held Germany responsible for the war.
Most core issues are not even discussed
League of Nations, an international court, did not have the enforcement capacity
or backing of the US.
Woodrow Wilson was supposed to be the mediator between the countries however,
because of the lack of credibility/ political authority and being infected with H1N1, Wilson
was unable to attend.
In the United States, we do partake in treaties however, treaties are ratified when ⅔ of
the Senate agrees/disagrees then the President signs it making it ultimate law.
Root cause of WWII is the Treaty of Versailles it also led to the Great Depression.
It shows a fundamental split from past victorian ideals, currency, rise of jazz, women’s
liberation and gender equity, musc, and liberation of social moral.
Timeline for our class and how the units are broken up
1900-1930 1930-1945 1945-2000
World War II changes everything
1919-1939 US isolation, domestic affairs, liberal transition, and workforce in women
No fundamental change 1920s-1930s domestically
Germany is a new nation state in the 1930s
Erik Hoffner looks at global society and asks why people become joiners to explain what
it is to make people join in.
Dunkirk is also a community event to bring troops home
France loses control over seas colonies after Dunkirk
Cambodia,Laos, Vietnam, French Indochina is interested in the Rubber
Japan takes over France's colonies in Southeast Asia. “Reclaiming
Manchuria earlier”
Interested in the resources
Japan has the best navy in the Pacific Ocean
Us has a blockade of Indochina begins in Summer 1940-Spring 1941
The Great Depression
Two parts
The environmental collapse
The Stock Market Collapse.
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find more resources at
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