GENED 120 Lecture 14: Week 7 Notes

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2 Mar 2017
Week 7- 2/28/2017
Bolshevik platform in 1917
o Imperialism was evil
o At highest stage of apitalis
o Cause of WWI (countries competing for territory, raw material and labor)
o Peace
Lenin would withdraw Russian forces from fighting in the war
o Land
Land would be taken away from all Russians and redistributed evenly
according to need
o Bread
Food would be distributed equally to all Russians
o Imperialism- Revolution in Russian= Prologue to worldwide revolution
o Russia is a weak link
Advanced enough not to be colonized itself, bit not to be a colonizer
Capitalistic, but weak-link
Better to go communist/socialist since worldwide revolution inevitable
The ͞Bearshevik͟ Revolution
o Greedy western capitalist has taken from the Russians
o Invading homes
Using their furniture
Stealing food from their children
o They wanted to rise up and FIGHT!
Role of the party
o Proletariat-workers not revolutionary by nature
o Intelligentsia-highly educated (bourgeois- middle class) must lead
Cultivate political consciousness
o Couis is the Poe of the “oiets plus Eletifiatio
Challenges of reality
o World War 1
o Under-developed, expansive country
o Lack of unity, communication
o Food supply
o 1917-1921:
Peasants get to keep land
Peasant farming= ineffective, ideologically unsound, USSR needs workers
o 1928-1933
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