GENED 120 Lecture Notes - Lecture 16: Totalitarianism, Volksgemeinschaft, Scientific Racism

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14 Mar 2017
Week 8- March 7th, 2017
Why vote for Hitler?
o True believers
o Ignorance
People didt ot consider Hitler to be a real threat
o Did not take him seriously
People thought Hitle as just odd
Belieed liked Hideug that Hitle ould al do
o New party needed/ Political Outsider
The depression and hyperinflation highlighted the need for
new political leadership
Hitler became chancellor
The Reichstag fire
The enabling act
The night of the long knives
The death of President Hindenburg
Oath of loyalty to Hitler
The end of Weimar Germany
o Weia: Pogessie, deoati ule… ut hapeed y epaatio,
other Versailles issues
o 1929: Economic crisis
o 1930-1933; 3 chancellors invoke article 48 on numerous occasions
o 1933:
Jan: Hitler invited into the government
27 Feb: Reichstag fire
March: Enabling act and Gleichsaltung thereafter
Nazi Propaganda
o Use of the media to promote one point of view
o Baiashig of the puli, convincing them if an ideological
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