BIO 201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Dehydration Reaction, Chemical Bond, Bicarbonate

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Published on 8 Nov 2018
Chapter 2 Anatomy and physiology
7 on the Ph scale is neutral
Example of 7 ph scale item is distilled water
7.35-7.45- normal body homeostasis according to ph scale
Chemical buffers: Always working
o Bicarbonate
o Phosphates
o Proteins
o Physiologic Buffer : ( switches off) system in the body that regulates the ph
Respiratory and renal mechanism
Chapter 2: The chemical basis of life II
Chemical reactions interaction of atoms or ions or molecules or compounds interact to
form or break chemical bonds.
Reactants: substances that enter into a chemical reaction
Products substances that results of the reactions.
Classses of chemical Reactions
o Chemical reactions involve he formation or breaking of chemical bonds
o Three basic types of reactions
Synthesis recation- combination of two or more substanxes to form a
more complex substance
Decomposition reaction breakdown of a susbstance into two or more
simpler substances; breaking of chemical bond
Exchnage reaction decomposition of two susbtances in exchange
synthesis of two new compunds of them
Reversibile reaction occur in both direction
Monomers and polymers
Dehydration synthesis A hydroxyl group is removed from one monomer
and hydrogen to another.
Hydrolysis- opposite of dehydration synthesis
o A water molecule ionizes into -OH and -H
o The covalent bond linking one monomer to another is broken
o The -OH is added to another monomer
o The -H is added to another
All the chemical reactions of the body
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