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Lecture 1

SOCI 4800 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Gender Dysphoria, Pansexuality

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SOCI 4800

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Lesbian - W attracted to W
Gay - M attracted to M
Bisexual - M/W attracted to both M/W
*Transgender -
Transsexual - (gen X, baby boomers) - decided to transition physically. Today, we don't really
use it.
Queer - Anything outside of the norm;
Intersex - biological (alongside being born male/female) ((dated: hermaphrodite))
Asexual - prefers intimacy outside of sex (purpose of test: no sex)
Ally - Support team. "straight" person who support the community. They have power.
Pansexual - "If we connect, regardless of situation, let's go have some guacamole"
Demi sexual - "I am attracted to the way you think, how you make me feel, etc."
Queer/Sexuality - not considered socially normal (outside of missionary)
Queer/Political - not in favor of the way the system works. Support eradication; constant unrest of
corruption in society
Queer/Theory - Development of humanity over time + oppression of people who are different.
*Born: Male / Female / Intersex
Cis. Male - boy, female - girl >< crossing over = Trans
Chapter 3 - Liberation
There is no proof of "gay gene" in science
20th century psychiatrist say poor parents is why people are gay
Transsexuals - the first male > female sx happened in 1930's in Germany; female > male in 1970;
full female > male in New Zealand
GID > Gender dysphoria
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