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Lecture 5

SOCI 4800 Lecture 5: SOCI4800SEPT10

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SOCI 4800

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WWII and homosexuality
Pg 61
New legal code - saudemy illegal
Nazi used to identify/arrest 100K "forgotten voices of the holocaust"
Result: at end of WWII and all were liberated, the homosexuals were still criminalized
Criminalize sexual activity for men, but not women
Pink Triangle - has now become international symbol of gay liberation
Pre-WWII there was no band on gay serving in the military & no formal policy
i.e. Nam, can't be drafted b/c gay
1940's began to use psychologists "blue discharge" d/c because of gay
Moral of hetero servicemen would be compromised…
All of pg 62
Joseph McCarthy "Red Scare" threat to national security
Roy - traitor, was gay but was on the campaign against homosexuals
10450 Eisenhower - homosexuals in the workplace; policies
Communism = homosexuality
Blackmail - sex is a weakness and men can’t control themselves
McCarthy witch hunt
Lavender menace: lesbians were outcasted from feminist movement (2nd wave)
DOB (daughters of Bilitace) argued on behalf of gays and lesbians
Stonewall - Gay bar that was shut down; riots;
GLF - start of queer movement; suggested "we don't have to conform", moldy milk. Not assimilationist.
Not all lesbians were separates and not all men were misogynists.
Dan White - Twinkie; murdered Harvey Milk because of Twinkies and then committed suicide
Dade County - Anita Bryant (former miss america), "homosexuals can not reproduce, so they must
recruit" "Save Our Children" organization
Started Right wing Christian groups (fundamentalists) >
*"lesbian" 7th century; saphos - Lesbos
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