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Lecture 1

HIST 3010 Lecture 1: Notes 03.30.17

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HIST 3010

IN-CLASS DISCUSSION • Walkowitz essay shows how organized effort in law can backfire against the population one wants to serve 18th Century Thailand in 1995 Contemporary USA London How many? 6,000 50,000 No one knows, about 90,000 arrests yearly How old? 16-25 18-35 18-35 Where? Peripheral, edges of In tourist industry, Urban areas that are city center of cities; poor, transitioning brothels everywhere throughout country for people of Thailand Who? Poor, young Poor, young; more Poor, young pressure to serve parents and to send money back to family How stable? Filled with poverty and vulnerability, unstable, prostitution is illegal in US Why work? Poverty, no place to Poverty, country is go industrializing and people are left poor, be able to get money to start family and small business Why quit? Get too old, need to Age out, exhausting Age out, burn out, a be married by 25 lot of stress; different from Thailand because stress is more obvious in contemporary US because prostitution is illegal in US and
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