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Lecture 26

HIST 3010 Lecture 26: In-Class Notes 1.24.17

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Vanderbilt University
HIST 3010

01/24/17 Texts: Sonnetti from Taking Positions and The School of Venus from When Flesh Becomes Word Nasty Ass Cartoon • Plot o “protagonist” has comically large penis and wants to have sex after watching other animals have sex o After that there are numbers: ▪ Masturbation (female) ▪ Him and the woman (regular hetero sex) ▪ A different man and a horse (bestiality) ▪ Him and a woman and a man (threesome with homosexual sodomy on accident) ▪ Oral sex (with a cow through a hole in the fence) • The cartoon is basically a mini-porn films with the same elements of normal porn DIRTY PICTURES Aretino’s Postures BACKGROUND • Drawn by Guilio Romano o Actually a respected, high class artist o Took statues and put them in different positions • Engravings published by Marcantonio Raimondi (1524) o Engravings allowed these pictures to be mass produced o Raimondi is artisan, less respected than artist o Probably got arrested for the engravings because he was low class and less protected than Romano • Sonnets added by Pietro Aretino (1492-1556) o Inspired by pictures and wrote sonnets for them • Also called I modi o Everyone tried to buy a copy • 16 images originally; 2 images are lost o Debate about what the 2 might’ve been o Popular and influential in beginnings of “dirty art” PORN DEFINITION • Do these sonnets and image count as porn? • The writing and images are meant to arouse or cause sexual excitement • Does include explicit images and language • Sex is the main purpose/ sex for the sake of sex • Includes voyeurism for reader and has a woman looking at couple having sex • Often misogynistic • Sometimes vexed relationship to homosexuality; not really violent; does mock social norms o Does mock norms because the large amount of anal sex defies social norms of man and woman having sex only to have children SONNETS • First sonnet starts off with allusion to Adam and Eve having sex and with clericals having anal sex • All sonnets are about pleasure, not marriage or children • All sonnets have women who are dying to have sex o Misogynistic aspect o Says almost nothing about woman but that they want anal or vaginal sex o There is
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