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Lecture 16

HIST 3010 Lecture 16: Working Girls Movie

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Vanderbilt University
HIST 3010

VIDEO: WORKING GIRLS • Girls get the money, but what are their dreams and aspirations? What do they want to do with the money? • What are their rules and practices in the brothel? o Clients pay up front for different, established sex acts o Males are offered drinks • Language used when talking among themselves or with clients? o Girls make fun of clients or discuss them when they’re not there o Courteous and affectionate to clients’ faces o There are different personalities among the women and they treat each other differently o April was robbed and her self-made jewelry was stolen and she’s salty about being back at work • How does woman in charge make business go smoothly? What is she like? Mrs. Brown? Mrs. Jones? o The girls talk about the woman in charge with some resentment, like a typical boss and employee relationship o I think her name is Lucy o Yea, it’s Lucy o She and the working women don’t connect, her life is too privileged compared to theirs o None of the working women like her o She talks too much, fake personality, too peppy yet bitchy o Fights with Dawn for not having any class o Quite inconsiderate and demanding o Hasn’t been a sex worker and doesn’t understand the life • What are the Johns like? How do they behave? Do you
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