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Lecture 27

HIST 3010 Lecture 27: Notes 1.26.17

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HIST 3010

Week 3: History Stories from A Man with A Maid and Marquis de Sade, Philosophy of the Bedroom A Man with A Maid First Chapter • Virgin girl named Nellie made to sell her virginity in a brothel • Doesn’t like sex with old, rich, fat guys and wants to have sex with a young “gallant” • Spies on young man having sex with her coworker and when he sees her he has sex with her too • But she’s a virgin and they have a hard time getting the penis in and it hurts her • But he gets it in and they have a great time • Racist undertones with black servants who also are meant to have sex with their lady masters Second Chapter • Man and virgin Lily have BDSM sex • Numbers include masturbation of female and male, anal sex on female, hetero sex, cunnilingus • Trivialized female protest, reluctance, and lack of consent Third Chapter • Orgy with cousins and three sisters Fourth Chapter • Male sodomy and voyeurism Marquis de Sade, Philosophy of the Bedroom • Orgy THE VICTORIANS • Old view: Victorians repressed and repressive about sex o Somewhat true o Table legs and bathing suits ▪ There were long table cloths that draped over table to hide table legs because what if they reminded people of women’s legs and had sexy thoughts, oh no ▪ Bathing suits were intense, these guys look like firefighters ▪ They still covered women’s ankles and wrists and covered all of men, but slightly less so ▪ Just an example of how repressed they were • Stag films: o Shown in men’s clubs and frats o Made by men and for men o Illegal to sell, illegal to show o Underground films to offend authorities and social rule that sex should be repressed • This particular film: o Shows man in three piece suit and a naked woman o No narrative, objectifies women • Racy Victorians o But also not true that the Victorians were all prudes o Lots of sex talk ▪ Masturbation panic (“Onanism”) ▪ Thought that men were wasting their seed and women were damaging organs needed for procreation ▪ Venereal disease and treatments (STDs) ▪ Concerns about propriety (very proper) ▪ Prostitution rampant • Sex Toys and Aids o Women’s vibrator for $7.50 lmao o “suspensory” for weak men that provided lil electric buzz o “dilators” that were for “medical uses” that could only be bought “with prescription” but were basically dildos and butt plugs o “hysterical paroxysm” • And they wrote stories o Fanny Hill’s Daughter (1815-ish) ▪ Common script that is used repeatedly in porn o Suburban Sluts ▪ Main character is in control of scene ▪ But, like some Victorian porn, men are portrayed as silly (he ran around with his balls boun
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