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Lecture 15

HIST 3010 Lecture 15: Notes 03.23.15

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HIST 3010

WEEK 10: WORKING GIRLS Th 3/23 CLELAND, FANNY HILL, 88-126. JANET LEVER AND DEANNE DOLNICK, “CLIENTS AND CALL GIRLS: SEEKING SEX AND INTIMACY,” SEX FOR SALE, PP. 85-100. CLELAND, FANNY HILL, 88-126. • Mrs. Jones is tall, meagre, plain-faced red head who sold her own daughter and didn’t feel bad about it, very materialistic • Fanny infatuated with Charles, lives with him for eleven months and finds out she is three months pregnant with his child, but he disappears • Fanny gets sick, miscarries, Mrs. Jones cares for her then charges her the sum after that Fanny can’t pay • Mr. H pays her debts and has sex with her, he is her new master now and Fanny is conflicted about that because she still love Charles • Fanny takes aphrodisiac unknowingly and has sex with Mr. H again and likes it • Lives with Mr. H for seven months under his care but she catches him having sex with her maid Hannah • Plans out revenge and has sex with Mr. H’s 19 year-old country boy servant, Will o Servant boy has fine features, shapely, healthy o Actually considerate of when he hurts Fanny o Has a huge, perfect penis o Fanny feels that since Will is of low social standing, compared to Mr. H, there’s more of a chance for love and pleasure on her side • Fanny and Will caught right before doing it by Mr. H o They were gonna do it with Fanny spread out on a chair o It was right after she peed or some shit nasty • Mr. H gives Fanny fifty pieces and a week to move out and nothing she does convinces him to let her stay o Mr. H going to let Will return home to his farmer father with a recommendation under Mr. H’s name o Fanny feels she doesn’t deserve Mr. H o Mr. H married to a lady of birth and fortune soon after and was an “irreproachable” husband to her o Will returned to father and married a young, wealthy widow • Other female sex workers that knew Fanny insult her because they were jealous of her nice living conditions and wanted her to fall into disgrace • Fanny moves in with owner of brothel who was her neighbor, Mrs. Cole JANET LEVER AND DEANNE DOLNICK, “CLIENTS AND CALL GIRLS: SEEKING SEX AND INTIMACY,” SEX FOR SALE, PP. 85-100. • Hochschild defines “emotional labor” as the “management of feeling to create a publicly observable facial and bodily display; emotional labor is sold for a wage and therefore has exchange value” • Sex workers may feign emotions connected to sexual arousal or flirtation for a set fee • Do not necessarily expect intimacy from a prostitute • Intimacy more likely to come from call girls and escorts, girls who have a more affluent clientele who can afford longer hours and more intimacy (nongenital caressing, kissing, and companionship) • “listening occupations”: psychotherapist actually cares the most, barber, manicurist, bar tender the least and call girl somewhere in the middle • By defining call girl behavior as fantasy, client and call girl agree that being intimate is part of call girl’s work, that he is not her only client, and that he doesn’t have to reciprocate • There are workers who sell emotional services (meant to arouse) but not sexual services METHODS • In LA • Study with three goals o To estimate size and demographic composition of female sex worker population in a large metropolis o To collect self-reported data on sex and drug-taking behaviors that put one at risk of AIDS and other STDs o To collect blood samples from sex workers to test for the presence of antibodies to HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis B • Two target populat
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