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Lecture 14

HIST 3010 Lecture 14: Notes 03.28.17

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HIST 3010

WEEK 11: A BRIEF HISTORY OF REFORMING PROSTITUTION MEDIEVAL PROSTITUTION--DOCUMENTS.** WILLIAM ACTON, "PROSTITUTION CONSIDERED IN ITS SOCIAL AND SANITARY ASPECTS" (1870); JOSEPHINE BUTLER, "AN APPEAL TO THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND ON THE RECOGNITION AND SUPERINTENDENCE OF PROSTITUTION BY GOVERNMENTS" (1870) BOTH FROM SEXUALITY DEBATES.** MEDIEVAL PROSTITUTION--DOCUMENTS.** • ACTS OF VIOLENCE • Jeanne’s father put her to work as prostitute at 15 years old, did dangerous work for little money and security, raped and left job, continued to do day work supplemented with prostitution, worked in little community, kicked out when Jambe de Fer (old lady landlord) kicked her out because she didn’t want her tenants to be in a brothel • Jehanne, daughter of Claude Joy, put to work in brothel by her father at 15, raped by stranger, left to do day work, moved to Jambe de Fer’s place to work the land and get better pay, pursued by men • Jeannette “Jehannette” ? Pingeon o Her story is a model for others o Men break into a house and carry off servant girl Jeannette o Bailiff and priest just close the window even though neighbors are angry that they let crime happen o Victim doesn’t get justice because she is forced to accept a few pennies from her rapists who hold her for hours o She remains with stigma against her rape, even though she lives an “irreproachable” lifestyle after o Not accepted back again by employers who are afraid to be beaten again o There was much violence as the men dragged Jehannette by her hair, sleeves, arms, and beat her for defending herself • Jaques Jarry, priest of about 46 years o Says that he knows Jehannette was a “sweet and humble girl of handsome and good countenance” o Aubert and his wife kept and governed the girl like their own daughter o Priest claims he would not have let her abduction “suffered it so close to him” if she was of “bad behaviour” o Still didn’t do anything and just closed window so that stones wouldn’t be thrown and hit them • Her rape happened during Holy Week, close to Easter o Jehannette complains to two female neighbors who warn her mistress then intervene the second time o Humber le Ravet’s wife (he is one of the rapists I’m guessing) begs to keep it quiet so it won’t cause trouble • Marguerite is another girl, 15 years old, raped by Humbert le Ravet o Raped her three times in total o Threatened her so she would be afraid to speak out • THE BATHS: SOCIABILITY, PROSTITUTION, EROTICISM • Nude couples bathed together unashamedly in public baths of Geneva • Said Jehannote bathing with two priests? • Janin Courtois one man who supported and had prostitutional bathhouse that was protested by scandalized wholesale fishmongers • Neighbors petitioned for destruction of the baths because it: o Would have enabled them to create a large port o Thus, raise property value of houses in neighborhood o Protect their children’s innocence? o Proclaim their own respectability? o Protect their own business interests? • Fisherman Jehan Colins protested baths with different articles o First article said that seven or eight public women lived or were continually in bathhouse o Second article said that bath is next to people of good life and honest conversation o Third and fourth article say that the baths are close to Chenevier gates and would allow people (enemies) to come in and out of the city under guise of going to bathe o Also said that proximity of bath to river Saone makes drowning easier o Great multitude of people frequenting baths would allow enemies to move among the people and this kingdom more readily in baths during times of war o Fifth article said that bath allows enemies to easily go in and out of city via small alley called Charbonnier o Sixth and seventh articles say that people who run the baths? Casote and Massin are from Flanders, people who repair and frequent the bath are more from Flanders, and the women in the bath are from Flanders o Ninth and tenth articles say that foreigners come out of the bathhouse by night and by day, beaten and causing ruckus o Thirteenth article said that women of the bathhouse would engage in PDA or call out to man in the street, causing reluctance of his wife to go in front of bathhouse • Thomassin and his wife invested heavily in this house to turn it into what it was meant to be, a bathhouse • Jeanne is mistress of bath and her misconduct doesn’t result in her criminalization, but her friend Claire quarreled with her and “Claire’s moments of abandon” in meeting men in the bathhouse led to her death sentence • But Claire’s testimony said that Jeanne bathed when she wanted to and was doing nothing wrong when she went on bath days meant for men • Mistress of the bath makes great cheer when bathing with the men by calling for fine food and wine to be brought and refusing other men she does not want to bathe with • BORDELLOS AND PUBLIC PROSTITUTION • City planned to bring disturbances from bordellos down or (I think is what they were after since the section is also titled “Municipal Bordello”) create a public bordello to limit public depravity? • But financial difficulties in the government left the job to private institutions • Bordel outside of city and separated from “honest folk” • Marie left her husband (fat bailiff) and ran off with Drouhet, who intially abducted her o He uses her jewels to pay for inns as they travel o Tricks her into coming into brothel with him and he pimps her out o Sells all her things, beats her, threatens to slit her throat o She ends up begging noble lady for help and begged previous husband for help and got it o Drouhet imprisoned upon Marie’s statements against him, but she repeals them and he walks • At municipal brothel, women are required to pay for their own meals and pay for anything provided to them by abbot and abbess o The working women need to pay two ardits a day, a sort of rent o Unfair exploitation of them • The municipal brothel promises to: o Only hire novices who are beautiful, who were lustful in their youth, and are 25 years of age or older o Given 8-10 days to decide if burdens of working in brothel is for them o Said women are to be veiled in common white wool cloth in manner of decent widow woman o Women are going to live in divine praise, vigils, prayers, abstinences, and manual labors to provide for their necessities and the needs of the commonality o Mass all day on Monday o All sisters will fast and eat only twice a day o Keeping silence and abstaining from illicit and dishonest words o Punishment for the sisters who act out of order: lol those who go to bed nude, say illicit words, eat in the chambers of the dormitory, cannot gather for dinner, etc. will eat bread and drink water on the floor before all the sisters of the convent and other similar punishments WILLIAM ACTON, "PROSTITUTION CONSIDERED IN ITS SOCIAL AND SANITARY ASPECTS" (1870); JOSEPHINE BUTLER, "AN APPEAL TO THE PEOPLE OF ENGLAND ON THE RECOGNITION AND SUPERINTENDENCE OF PROSTITUTION BY GOVERNMENTS" (1870) BOTH FROM SEXUALITY DEBATES.** ACTON • Produced by and a cause producing immorality • Thinks of prostitutes as less than chaste woman because sh
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