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Class Notes for NSC-2201 at Vanderbilt University


NSC-2201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 30: Intention Tremor, Delta Wave, Sexually Dimorphic Nucleus

OC10823851 Page
15 Jan 2018
Drugs target dat and net: heroin: converted to morphine after blood-brain barrier, agonist at presynaptic opioid receptors, inhibits gaba release. High
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VANDERBILTNSC-2201Smith LeslieSpring

NSC-2201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Eustachian Tube, Oval Window, Vestibular Membrane

OC13499624 Page
25 Feb 2017
Vestibular system = our sense of balance: this informs us without our head and brain moving. Higher pitched sounds are higher on a piano per say b. i.
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VANDERBILTNSC-2201Smith LeslieFall

NSC-2201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Neurofibrillary Tangle, Injury, Excitotoxicity

OC10993532 Page
15 Aug 2016
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VANDERBILTNSC-2201Smith LeslieSpring

NSC-2201 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Conformational Change, Neurotransmitter, Axon Hillock

OC13499623 Page
16 Jan 2017
Note to self: download powerpoints and take notes on them. Study from these and not the textbook that we have been given. Forms the neuron doctrine tha
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