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Lecture 31

PSY 1200 Lecture 31: Module 31

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Psychology (A&S)
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Sandberg Elisabeth

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find more resources at Friday, October 21, 2016 General Psychology Genetic and Environmental Influences on Intelligence - Twin and Adoption Studies intelligence test scores of identical twins reared together are virtually similar as • those of the same person take the same test twice - identical twins’ brains are built and function similarly • estimates of the heritability of intelligence ranges from 50 to 80 percent intelligence appears to be polygenetic • • environmental contribution to IQ score variation among top scorers - adoption enhances the intelligence scores of mistreated or neglected children • mental similarities between adopted children and adoptive families wane with age - genetic influences become more apparent as we accumulate life experience - Environmental Influences • Early Environmental Influences - Hunt found that among the poor, environmental conditions can depress cognitive development - malnutrition, sensory deprivation, and social isolation can slow normal brain development but that does not mean there is a specific recipe for turning infants into geniuses • Schooling and Intelligence - schooling and intelligence and interact - motivation affects intelligence - fixed mindset • believing intelligence is biologically set and unchanging - growth mindset ▯1 find more resources at find more resources at Friday, October 21, 2016 • believing intelligence is changeable which allows for a focus on learning and growth - Group Differences in Intelligence Test Scores • Gender Similarities and Differences - in respect to general intelligence (g) men and women are the same species • while boys are better at solving complex math problems is no distinguishable difference between men and women in overall math performan
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