Silent Comedy, MPPC, ECT

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Art History
ARTH 271
Michael Jones

Silent Comedy: Sennett-king of comedy. Started the whole thing, slapstick comedies, love, speed, thrills {’15) Charlie Chaplin-the immigrant was one well known film by him (’17) Keaton-sherlock je (’24) MPPC aka “The Trust” (Motion picture patent company) (1908-1913)  this was a creation of thomas edison and others to gain control of the movie making industry worldwide. Considered a monopoly. Its intent was to monopolize film. Founded in 1908.  10 companies pooled 16 patents to control global distribution/production  at this time distribution and production were separate  vertical monopoly all the way down  govrnment allowed this to happen until the 40’s after the war, they started to invervene.  Some good things came out of this monopoly. It standardized the equipment. Different gauges-width of the film. Standardized film speed. (35mm/16 f.p.s.)  Pricing of tickets also standardized. Eliminated competition between theatres.  Streamlined distribution.  Films of greater duration.  4 reels instead of 2 reels Hollywood in the ‘20s  directors had a lot of control during this time because the companies were still small.  (’22) “Hays Office” MPPDA  Studios of the 20s o MGM (’25
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