gangster, genre study and synchronous sound

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Art History
ARTH 271
Michael Jones

 Gangster--Warshow, “Gangster as tragic hero” Scarfae (’32)-Hawks  Genre study—defunutuin (outer and inner), organization, function  Synchronous sound!!! Sound in sync with movement of lips The Jazz Singer (’27) (WB) Vitaphone At this time, sound was not synched. They were recorded separately. This also lead for issues with the sound unsyncing. The film might break, they might start it at the same time. But it worked well enough most of the time. First viable sound system. The movie singing in the rain, dramatacized sound. The coming of sound meant that the language of film changes, the prouction process. They had to rehearse more now because they couldn’t shout during film. They also had to wire theatres for sound. Problems: 1. The biggest problem was synchronization. 2. Amplification-vacuum tube, audio tube 1907—Lee De Forest Soundon film  Optically printed the soundtrack on the film strip  Tri-eragon was a german type
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