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Art History
ARTH 271
Michael Jones

History of Motion Picture Beginings… th  “Stroboscopic toys” (19 century)  persistence of vision and phi phenomena  other discoveries…  primitive era of cinema. What makes movies so attractive  character  personal connection with them  story line  effects come and go but the story is what makes it so great  the drive of most art, to reproduce the world. Persistence of Vision-phi phenomena  persistence of vision-Images stay in your retina for a few seconds after you see that image  phi phenomena-we see things that are not always there. For example, spin the color wheel really fast and our eyes see brown. Factors that Lead up to Film  We are seeing movies at 24 frames per second  Toy called the thaumentrope used this phenomenon  Magick lantern-1646 discovered. It was a light source, a whealding rod that would light up on the end.  Photography>Daguerre 1839  “serial photography” o Muybridge (1872-1877) Horses hooves, all on the ground? He studied this. Took a series of 20 photos to determine this  “Chronophotogtaphic” o Marey (1882) gun. Negatives were on glass so they weren’t very durable  Celluloaid film was then discovered as a type of flexible negatives (1887). Goodwin invented it. Then it became Eastman. Eastman then became Kodak.  Kinetograph (1892) discovered by Dickson/Edison. Big clumsey camera which had to stay in a studio because it was so large. o In 1893, the black maria studio was invented. Black shack with skylights on it. The shack was on a circular railroad track. Then would push on the shack and line the windows with the sun. o V Kinetoscope-peephole viewing device. Playback device where you put your eye t
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