D.W Griffith

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Art History
ARTH 271
Michael Jones

D.W. Griffith refining the lnguage @ American Biograph shorts (1908-1913)  Adventures of Dollie (’08)  Corner in wheat (’09)  N.Y. Hat (’12)  Musketeers of pig alley “Single most important figure in the history of western art”-more important than shakesepeare, motsart, betoven, ect. Because he took a medium and reidentified it. Very influential of cinema. Specifically german films. For the love of gold  One famous move by Griffith was titled “For the love of gold.” He went from a long shot to a medium shot in the middle of the action, which hadn’t been done before. This change of focal length helps to emphasize emotion. He learned not to underestimate his audience. Rather than think they wont follow, experiment and that’s what he did, realizing that they liked it a lot. After many years  First shot of girl crying at the sea for her husband. Srcond shot close up of crying face, to get this shot the camera turned around. Then it shot her husband stranded on an island. The aud
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