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HIST 201
James Scow

11/14/12 Hoffer on Accusers and Gangs Hoffer’s first argument: Adolescence was tough for Puritan girls • Relationship with Mom o They had no breathing room from their moms, they spent most of their time together • Relationship with Dad o Aren’t together very much, dad is kind of distant because work is located in fields or doing business. o Dad is spiritual guide for family, so he has to make sure that not only are the children cared for, but that they are godly, so he scares them about going to hell • Control over the future o You aren’t in a position to have a good relationship with either of your parents, you have no control over your future • Relationship with peers o The girls turned to each other, and this became their support and focus Consider the Mechanics • “The girls felt uneasy when speaking to parents and ministers, but among themselves they could speak freely, and even more important, let their imaginations and their storytelling skills range freely. Tales of witchery and omens, dangers and heroism came down from the forests and the frontier and titillated the girls that winter of 1691-2; the group performances these girls later put on during the
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