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HIST 201
James Scow

11/12/12 Mental Illness and Witchcraft Accusations in Salem Caulfield diagnosed the girls making the accusations with hysteria Caulfield’s first argument: The kids were not faking • Most historians up to 1940 thought they were liars (brats) o Caulfield doesn’t see them this way • Caulfield sees a correspondence between modern illness and the kid’s behavior o Pitfalls?  It was a really widespread thing, so what would be going on to make so many of them ill  The timing of their symptoms is so convenient  It happens all of the sudden, where would that come from  We no longer have the diagnoses of hysteria, but this doesn’t necessarily change what is happening (symptoms) to an individual person • Contemporary observers were not idiots, and they were convinced something serious was going on o They didn’t know how to explain what was going on, so they said that the girls were bewitched o Cotton Mather on measles o They were capable observers and the very best descriptions of the measles from early North America was written by Cotton Mather was a member of an early puritan family in Massachusetts, and so
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