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James Scow

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 Girls were trained to be a quiet presence, she isn’t someone that people would take seriously or even listen to  She is being asked to talk about it in church, a place where girls/women are not supposed to speak  There was no lawyer, but only a representative of the law o Their goal in the proceeding is to figure out if there is enough evidence to charge her o Procedure is being questioned in front of the whole town • What do you doubt? o You get the impression that she is not the one telling the story here, you get a sense that she is just collaborating the story that they are making up through leading questions o Of the first few, only Tituba lived (the only one to confess), so she could have played the odds and confessed, which they allowed her to live so they could get more information out of her o There isn’t anything in this document that shows who these girls were  They have been there every trial, included in them was Ann Putnam Jr. (a head clan of the town), and their crew sat front row in every trial and they together seemed to suffer at very convenient moments in the trial from “bewitchment attacks”  Abigail Hobbs has seen the girls act like this Just what in the dickens is
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