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HIST 201
James Scow

11/5/12 Primary Sources on Salem: The Case of Abigail Hobbs Consider the nature and quality of primary sources from Salem Abigail Hobbs • 15-17 years old in 1692 • Family of refugees frome Maine, all of whom were charged (they had only been in the area a few months • “Second round” of accusations; second (after Tituba) to confess o Three more (they insisted that they were not witches) accused after Tituba and put to death, after this, the second round of accusations started • Execution warrant was signed and then rescinded o She confessed but they wanted to keep her alive to get more information from her o She was kept alive so long, that the hunt ended before she was put to death, so she lived The Deposition and Accusation Records • We must not mistake the legal system of puritan Massachusetts with our legal system o They had a theocracy legal system • Questions? o The book thing?  Notion of swearing on a book to prove that you really mean it, the image of swearing on a book is used in the opposite way  She is talking about swearing her soul to the
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